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Fishing Seasons on Lake Ontario

Spring (April | May | June)


Fantastic lake trolling begins April 1st!  Brown Trout 3-20 pounds are caught abundantly close to shore from our Rochester port.  As the water warms up in late June, the fish migrate easterly and deeper.  We then move with the fish back to our home port to "head them off" at the pass.  

Summer (June | July | August)


Deep water fishing is the ticket now!  Summer Kings, Cohos and Atlantic Salmon, Steelhead, Brown and Lake Trout are all of the mixed bag you will catch now.  At this time of the year, the fish are following the ever roaming clouds of baitfish (Alewive Smelt ect.).  The average fish size increases to 10-35 pounds and so does their appetite as the Salmon prepare to spawn in September.  

Fall (August | September | October)


Harvest time for mature King Salmon!  The "hogs", "sharks", "screamers", or call them what you want, while the strip 100-200 yards of line from your "smokin" reel!  Four year old Kings are caught up to 45 pounds, with 25 pounds being the average.  They are now very aggressive and territorial as they get "psyched up" for their spawning run up the Genesee River.  Jumbo Brown Trout are also taken with Steelhead moving in shore later.